I would like to know if other localities have a policy on public comments during zoning cases.  If so, what is the policy and do they have a time limit on how long a citizen can speak on a zoning case?

Thank you for your help.
Tanya Harding
Administrative Assistant/Deputy Clerk
P. O. Box 90775
Henrico, VA 23273-0775
Phone (804) 501-4436 Fax (804)501-4162
E-mail:  har66@co.henrico.va.us
I need to create a resolution for someone in our county turning 100 yrs old.  Does anyone have any examples or ideas to help me get started.  Thanks!

Mary Weaver, Clerk
Board of Supervisors/Administrative Assistant
Fluvanna County
132 Main Street
P.O. Box 540
Palmyra, VA 22963
(434)591-1911 - Fax

I am looking for localities that have issued an RFP /IFB for website creation, development and design.  This would be for a company to create and design the site and the County staff would maintain it.  Thank you so much.

Deborah A. Davis
Assistant to the County Administrator
Post Office Box 1397, Sussex VA  23884
20135 Princeton Road, Stony Creek VA  23882
Phone  (434) 246 1007   Fax  (434) 246 6013
Website: www.sussexcountyva.gov ;

Has your locality put forth a letter or resolution calling upon the Governor to allow the budget to move forward without the controversial issue of Medicaid expansion?  If so, would you please provide me a copy of the letter/resolution?

Julia Bortle, CMC, Clerk of Council
City of Waynesboro, VA
503 W Main Street, Suite 210
Waynesboro VA 22980

Does your locality recognize "Black History Month" via Resolution or Proclamation. If so, may I have a copy of?

Lisa Beczkiewicz, Deputy Clerk, Goochland County lbeczkiewicz@co.goochland.va.us

The Town of Middleburg is considering moving from paper agendas to an electronic one.  For those who have already done so, I would appreciate if you could share your experience with me.   Specifically, I am interesting in learning about the software that may be used; whether some type of device, such as an iPad, is provided to the Council by the locality; and any regulations that you may have associated with those devices.

Many thanks!
Rhonda S. North, MMC, Town Clerk
Town of Middleburg, Virginia
(540) 687-5152
We are gearing up towards a new facility and I am trying to think of items that would make our meeting room better.  What is your favorite feature of your Council Chambers, Board Room etc.?  If you could add something what would it be?

If we could get this posted today, that would be great…I just found out that I have a meeting in the morning.

Erica S. Kann, City Clerk
City of Harrisonburg
345 S. Main Street, Room 201
Harrisonburg, VA 22801
Currently, I use FTR Minutes to record the audio and prepare minutes of my Council meetings and work sessions.  Please let me know if you use a different software and your thoughts on it?  I am looking at adding a computer with recording capabilities in another room in City Hall but FTR Minutes will only operate on a Windows XP machine with an older version of office which will pose security issues after April.    

Thank you,
Kari J. Van Diest, CMC, Deputy Clerk of Council
City of Winchester
15 North Cameron Street
Winchester, VA 22601
(540) 667-2395
(540) 722-3618  fax
When a 501(c) 3 exempt organization applies for real estate/personal property tax exemption from a locality and a public hearing has been held, what criteria (if any) does the Board deny a request for such exemption??

State Code Section 58.1-3651 authorizes the locality to designate by ordinance said exemption with the 8 Code listed questions answered prior to the public hearing.

Thanks so much for your help!!!!!!!!!!

Sharon K. Tudor, MMC,
Franklin County Board of Supervisors
1255 Franklin Street, Suite 111
Rocky  Mount, Virginia  24151
(540) 483-3032
(540) 483-6647 (fax)
(540) 761-4956 (cell)

How are overdue fines collected by your General District Court. By the General District Court Clerk or a private collection agency?  Thank you so much for your help!

Jeri -Ann Tomlin, Legal Assistant/Deputy City Clerk
Colonial Heights City Attorney's Office
201 James Avenue
Colonial Heights, VA 23834
Phone: 804-520-9316
Fax: 804-520-9398