We are gearing up towards a new facility and I am trying to think of items that would make our meeting room better.  What is your favorite feature of your Council Chambers, Board Room etc.?  If you could add something what would it be?

If we could get this posted today, that would be great…I just found out that I have a meeting in the morning.

Erica S. Kann, City Clerk
City of Harrisonburg
345 S. Main Street, Room 201
Harrisonburg, VA 22801


We just added a ceiling projector and retractable screen, which have helped make presentations more professional, plus I can walk past them now w/o showing myself on tv. The panic button(s) strategically placed behind the dais is also welcome. I wish we had an automatic dimmer on the lights.

Janice Blakley, Clerk to Board of Supervisors, Chesterfield County
02/06/2014 18:03

Our dais is constructed with bullet-proof materials so that if a citizen went "postal" on us, we could crawl across the room beneath the dais and exit through a swinging doorway built in to the area behind the dais which would then place us into a back room that no one can get into without an access card issued by the county's security office. I certainly hope we never have to exercise this, but in today's world you just never know.

02/06/2014 18:04

We are a very small Town, so nothing big or exciting as far as the room or extras go. My favorite feature is the American Flag is prominently displayed and we recite the Pledge of Allegiance at the opening of each meeting.
What I would add/change: Julia's system for presentations sounds great and having more space for the times we have a lot of people in attendance.

Jonathan Craft
02/06/2014 18:07

The City of Roanoke has light switches at the Clerk's desk so the lights can be turned off/on during presentations. Also, the City Clerk can "buzz" the Clerk's Office via a door bell button at her desk in the Council Chamber.

02/06/2014 18:31

My favorite things in our chamber is the bulletproof dais and the new flat screens on both sides of the room so the audience has better views of the materials displayed for each agenda item! There's a ton of things I don't like, but the dais is my favorite.

02/06/2014 18:31

We just updated/reconfigured the meeting space in the Historic Courthouse (that is where my BOS meets). We installed a horseshoe shaped table large enough to seat all Board members and staff. We installed network connections, audio/video connections and electrical outlets in the table top. We installed three fixed TV monitors, 2 facing the public and 1 facing the Board. These are used for presentations. We also installed mics on the tables at each seat. We also installed an audio/video connection in the podium. Our space was limited so our networking equipment is housed in a media cabinet at the back of the room. I would have preferred a closet to hide all of that stuff. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to call.

02/06/2014 18:48

I'm a real fan of using decor to create an inviting atmosphere, especially in a public setting. Consider spending a few dollars to invest in coordinated seating, furnishings, window treatments and paint or wall paper to create a facility that reflects the character of your community and is welcoming to the public. You may even be able to find someone in your community who is willing to donate funds, time and/or materials to help you with this. Hanging pictures of significant features or landmarks within your community is a nice touch that adds interest for citizens and visitors alike.


If I could make one change to my meeting room, it would be to provide aa comfortable and secure space for our A/V person who runs the recording and camera equipment (right now he sits in the HVAC closet which has an audio rack squeezed in with him).

02/06/2014 20:15

Our Chambers is ancient and still has the original seating from the 70s (complete with ashtrays on the chair backs). I do however, really like that we have photographs of all of our former Mayors along one wall and it is attractive and reflects our history well. One feature I remember liking from I believe it was Portsmouth was that the had a front row of seating with pull down desktops so city staff needed for the meeting was easily accessible to be called upon and had a small work area at each seat.

02/26/2014 09:41

We recently installed bullet-proof materials on the dais, just in case... we also installed ramps which make getting handicapped citizens up front for proclamations/recognition much easier. We also recently replace the ancient carpet and seats - several of the seats have a pull-out desk top which makes it much easier for staff to take notes and keep up with Board requests during meetings.


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