The Town of Middleburg is considering moving from paper agendas to an electronic one.  For those who have already done so, I would appreciate if you could share your experience with me.   Specifically, I am interesting in learning about the software that may be used; whether some type of device, such as an iPad, is provided to the Council by the locality; and any regulations that you may have associated with those devices.

Many thanks!
Rhonda S. North, MMC, Town Clerk
Town of Middleburg, Virginia
(540) 687-5152


02/07/2014 12:52

Goochland County is set to begin a 6 month test trial with IQM2, we will go live with this in June, 2014. Our IT Dept.worked with me and after looking at several different companies and keeping within a reasonable cost, we decided to go with IQM2. Our population is approximately 22,000, cost per month is $600 I believe and does not include "livestream". Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.
Douglas Eden, COO
(631) 619-2017 |

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02/10/2014 09:58

The Town of Herndon has used Granicus for several years now, which has worked very well for us. Meeting webcasts are available on the town's website along with the agenda and associated documents. We will be adding the minutes to the site soon. The town issued iPads to Councilmembers who chose not to use their own.


Fauquier County uses NOVUSagenda for digital agendas. It has worked well for the Board of Supervisors, and now the Planning Commission is using it for online agendas.

02/18/2014 01:00

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Erica Kann
02/25/2014 14:54

We have been using Granicus and the Council Members use Ilegislate on their Ipads that they get from the City to use while they are in office.

02/26/2014 09:37

In 2011, Stafford began researching paperless agendas and met with several vendors. In the end, we went with iPads and all the work was/is done in-house by our IT department (so far as set-up) and by myself and the Deputy Clerk for uploading meeting agenda materials for each meeting; budget documents; Comprehensive Plan, etc.

08/14/2014 17:37

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