Currently, I use FTR Minutes to record the audio and prepare minutes of my Council meetings and work sessions.  Please let me know if you use a different software and your thoughts on it?  I am looking at adding a computer with recording capabilities in another room in City Hall but FTR Minutes will only operate on a Windows XP machine with an older version of office which will pose security issues after April.    

Thank you,
Kari J. Van Diest, CMC, Deputy Clerk of Council
City of Winchester
15 North Cameron Street
Winchester, VA 22601
(540) 667-2395
(540) 722-3618  fax


02/06/2014 18:34

We are implementing a paperless Board meeting solution at this very moment and we decided to go with Granicus. We are recording the audio of the meetings and creating our agenda within their software. We will soon be able to create our minutes within the software as well. So far we are very pleased with the product.

01/23/2015 16:28

I would like to ask anyone that uses FTR who you use for support when you have software/recording issues. Thank you.


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