Can anyone provide suggestions of how they maintain their Boards and Commissions files; specifically, does anyone keep up with them on an “agenda center”.  Any suggestions/help will be appreciated.

Pam Wallace, City Clerk
City of Colonial Heights, VA
201 James Avenue
P.O. Box 3401
Colonial Heights, VA 23834
Office:  (804) 520-9360
Fax:  (804) 524-8734



Pam: Each board and commission has a staff liaison who is responsible for maintaining their board's files. For boards with regulatory powers, such as the Planning Commission or Board of Architectural Review, they keep their files (agendas and minutes) on Laserfiche, which is linked to the website so that the public has the ability to pull the files whenever they wish. The other Boards will be added to Laserfiche in the near future.

11/27/2013 11:58

Each board and commission has a staff person responsible. However, some choose to post agendas and minutes to their website page on the main City's website. Example - visit the following webpage.

12/03/2013 10:31

Each Board has a staff liason. If regulatory, their minutes are posted to the County's website.


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