The Town of Gordonsville would like to hear from other small localities as to who provides them with information technology (IT) support (weekly server maintenance and general computer system and hardware/software operation trouble-shooting on an as-needed basis).

I appreciate any and all responses.

Thank you,
Deborah S. Kendall, Town Planner/Clerk
P. O. Box 276
Gordonsville, Virginia 22942
Tel: (540) 832-2233 Fax: (540) 832-2449
I am looking for localities that have issued an RFP /IFB for website creation, development and design.  This would be for a company to create and design the site and the County staff would maintain it.  Thank you so much.

Deborah A. Davis
Assistant to the County Administrator
Post Office Box 1397, Sussex VA  23884
20135 Princeton Road, Stony Creek VA  23882
Phone  (434) 246 1007   Fax  (434) 246 6013
Website: ;

We would like to get all of our City Council meeting minutes online with searchable access for citizens.   Currently we have some records on microfilm, some in professionally bound books and others in hard copy and on computer.  Does your locality have this set up and if so, would you share some details?   Who was the vendor?  Did you transfer any microfilm?  Some of our minutes date from 1879 and are handwritten --any experience with digitizing handwritten documents?  Are you pleased with the quality and searchability?  Currently I am working with Municipal Code Corp and would appreciate any guidance you would be willing to provide.
Donna (Dee) Scott, City Council Clerk
City of Williamsburg
401 Lafayette Street
Williamsburg, VA   23185-3617
(757) 220-6103
“We are looking for input on the VoteCast feature of Granicus, that allows touch screen voting during meetings.  Is anyone using this feature?  We would like to find out whether it is beneficial from the clerks actually interacting with it, rather than just from our IT staff – who think it will be great, but who don’t actually participate in meetings!”


Trish Cronin

Deputy Clerk

County Administrator's Office

County of Gloucester

October 15: Dear Fellow Clerks: I am looking to make my County Administrator’s office a paperless environment in 2013 as we are running out of floor filing space. I would like to create a database for staff and the public for viewing all ordinances, resolutions online, that would searchable, but make it secure so it could not be tampered with. I am also thinking I would like the ordinances and resolutions to be numbered in such a way that they could be accessed through searching by a special number assigned as part of the numbered ordinance/resolution i.e.  0R1 – XXXXX-XXXX or RE1-XXXX-XXXX (could be assigned to all community development zoning ordinances), RE2-XXXX could be assigned to all tax resolutions i.e. maybe only 5 categories for ordinances, five for resolutions ( I believe most ordinances and resolutions could be kept to within 5 categories)….is PDF A  (with OCR recognition for searching) a could long term solution? I would love to hear from you all if any of you are doing this now.

I am not sure if this is a problem for other administrative offices, but I would like to devise a plan by December 2013…thank you to all of you for any input/advice you can offer up.

For further clarity, Goochland County utilizes Municipal Code of Virginia but I am talking about the actual ordinances and resolutions themselves prepared by myself (the ones that would be attached to your minutes)….I now maintain a book by year of all ordinances and resolutions (the actual executed ordinance), I would like to make those PDF, create a database, and not keep any paper copies of them. I hope this makes sense.

Thank you,

Lisa K. Beczkiewicz, CMC

Admin. Asst./Deputy Clerk

I would like to know how your locality handles disabilities during meetings.  For example, when we have a public hearing, in our advertisement we state if a citizen is in need of an interpreter, signing and so forth to contact us five days prior to the meeting.  However, do you have any special equipment that you have available for the hearing impaired on a regular basis?

Thanks for all the responses…could you send me the name brands on the equipment you use for your hearing impaired device?


City of Harrisonburg

I would like to know, for small municipalities (population under 1,500), how much do you budget/spend for the professional services of a webmaster?

Thanks J

Tuesday Pope

Damascus Town Clerk

Can you please send out an email asking Clerks to respond to me about what software they use.  Right now we have BAI and are very dissatisfied with it.  The GL part is not bad, but the utilities and payroll are ungodly.  I am really interested in any locality that send out water bills and payroll. A software system that generate a 941 etc.... We also need RE taxes and PP taxes, General Ledger, treasurer's accountability accounts, etc and is WINDOWS BASED.

Thanks for you input 


Cindy Balderson

Town Clerk

Town of Kilmarnock

I am trying to replace an old Dell keyboard that will be compatible with toggling between the main computer I use for work and the CPU we use for On the Record using the Scroll Lock key.  I have tried two new wireless keyboard and neither one worked.   Does anyone have any suggestions for a new, quieter keyboard that will work for both computers?

Harriet West

Town Clerk

Town of Lovettsville   

We (Lancaster County) are looking to update/upgrade our recording system for our board/commission meetings and looking for recommendations. We have a new microphone and amplifier system in place.  It’s budget time and need to have some information to present.

 Yes, we are still in the Stone Age using a Sony micro cassette dictator/transcriber M-2020 which is so old it has been discontinued.


 Zina F. Middleton, CMC

Lancaster County