I would like to request whether any localities have adopted a resolution in favor of the proposed federal Internet sales tax and, if so, could I be sent a copy, please?

Thank you.
Susan Fain, Deputy Clerk
Botetourt County

When a 501(c) 3 exempt organization applies for real estate/personal property tax exemption from a locality and a public hearing has been held, what criteria (if any) does the Board deny a request for such exemption??

State Code Section 58.1-3651 authorizes the locality to designate by ordinance said exemption with the 8 Code listed questions answered prior to the public hearing.

Thanks so much for your help!!!!!!!!!!

Sharon K. Tudor, MMC,
Franklin County Board of Supervisors
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Rocky  Mount, Virginia  24151
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Does anyone have an automated system for decal sales that they really like?  We are outgrowing our current system using Excel.

Harriet West
Town Clerk
Post Office Box 209
6 East Pennsylvania Avenue
Lovettsville, VA  20180
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 Per the County Administrator’s request each year, the tax ordinance (which includes tax rates for property and machinery and tools) adopted during the budget process is sent to Municipal Code.  Municipal Code has stated that ordinances of general nature or that is not standard will not be processed in the County’s Code Book.  I was instructed to contact the County Attorney which also stated that it did not go in the Code Book and that as long as it was adopted and put in the minute book was all needed to be done.  My Administrator is adamant that it needs to be materialized somehow and that I contact other municipalities to find out what they are doing.  Please let me know how you handle your tax ordinance other than adoption by the Board or Council and putting it in the minute book.

From Denise Banks, Greensville County