Newport  News  is  gearing  up  for  the  2014  General  Assembly  Session,  which convenes  on  January  8,  2014.    I am inquiring  whether  you are aware of  any legislative issues that should be included in our package, or on our radar, which may impact our locality, most specifically municipal clerks. Please advise at your earliest  opportunity.    I  would  be  most  happy  to  share  my  findings  with  all interested parties.

Mabel Washington Jenkins, MMC, City Clerk
2400 Washington Avenue, 9th Floor
Newport News, Virginia 23607
Tel: (757) 926-8634 Fax: (757) 926-8599
  Just wanted to check and see if other localities have proposed or passed resolutions in opposition of hunting on Sundays.  If a copy is available, and I can get a copy, that would be great. _

Diane Gaber, CMC
King and Queen County