When a City Clerk receives a request for an historical document from an elected official serving as the Mayor or Council Member, does the City Clerk need to provide the information to the other members serving on the Council?  Someone has posed this as a matter of Ethics for the City Clerk.

Brenda L. Doyle, City Clerk
Lexington, VA
We would like to get all of our City Council meeting minutes online with searchable access for citizens.   Currently we have some records on microfilm, some in professionally bound books and others in hard copy and on computer.  Does your locality have this set up and if so, would you share some details?   Who was the vendor?  Did you transfer any microfilm?  Some of our minutes date from 1879 and are handwritten --any experience with digitizing handwritten documents?  Are you pleased with the quality and searchability?  Currently I am working with Municipal Code Corp and would appreciate any guidance you would be willing to provide.
Donna (Dee) Scott, City Council Clerk
City of Williamsburg
401 Lafayette Street
Williamsburg, VA   23185-3617
(757) 220-6103
If you circulate a draft copy of your agenda, before the final copy and board materials are attached, who do you circulate the draft agenda to?  The Board and staff or everyone on your distribution list? Any insight would be helpful.Thanks!

Melissa L. Gradwell, Senior Executive Assistant
Powhatan County Administrator's Office

Here's a question from Diane of King and Queen County:

I would like to find out from the Clerks how they handle Resolutions passed by their Boards.  If they use Municode, are they submitted like approved Ordinances.

Please comment below and respond to her question! Thanks!