Today I was approached by a company called “Listening Loop Technologies” regarding installing an induction loop system that eliminates background noise and echo by sending audio signal directly to the hearing aid of hearing impaired citizens. 

Does any municipality use this (or any other) technology in Board / Council Chambers to accommodate hearing impaired citizens?  If so, can you please describe the system used and the level of satisfaction that it provides?

Renee Culbertson, CMC
Faquier County 
I am looking for recommendations for purchasing card vendors. We would like to have someone come in and talk to us about implementing a p-card program.


Celeste Heath, CMC

Town Clerk

Town of Berryville, Virginia

_ Just wanted to know who your Council uses to do major work on water tank and tower.  Any info would be helpful.

Brenda Reamy

    If a city/town employee is elected to the council and is paid for both positions, what effect does that have on his overtime pay and benefits? Is there a state code governing this situation? Thank you for any input.

Julia Bortle
City of Waynesboro

  Just wanted to check and see if other localities have proposed or passed resolutions in opposition of hunting on Sundays.  If a copy is available, and I can get a copy, that would be great. _

Diane Gaber, CMC
King and Queen County